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UnPlugged-X 2.0


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Multimedia & Design / Graphics

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UnPlugged-X 2.0 Review

Can't find the effect you need? UnPlugged-X can! With over 100 high quality effects, you can be sure to find what you need. Filters, shapes, tools, colors, objects. You name it, UnPlugged-X has got it. The list of effects in UnPlugged-X is huge. Amongst them are simple shapes such as ovals, rectangle or saw blades. But also many complex objects such as a CD, window blinds or a nuclear sign. You can
change colors in many unique ways. Split, cycle, invert, shrink, enlarge and swap colors all you want. Go crazy with wild effects like "acid waterfall" and "disco light". Be artistic with "renaissance" and "pencil". Or do some serious work with "scanner correction" and "de-interlace".

Besides using any of the over one hundred effects as is, you can mix them to make entirely new effects. You can stack up to fifty effects together, including all the mixing modes and transparency.

How often have you found yourself doing a lot of changes, only to find you needed to change the first one a bit? With UnPlugged-X this belongs to the past! You can now go back and change that effect. Just pick the effect you want to change from the stack and change it the way you like. All the while, the preview can show the final result if you want. You can even see what an effect will look like, when combined with the rest, before adding it to the stack.

You can save all your settings to disk. Save settings for future use or share them with friends, family and colleagues. After you load back your settings, you can go on from right where you left.

- Over 100 effects.
- 10+ useful shape generators.
- Dithering and noise effects.
- Deforming effects.
- Many different unique object generators.
- Tools for seamless texture generation.
- Combine up to 50 effects at once.
- Change individual effects at any time.
- Save and load for future use.
- Partial preview possible.
- Reliable preview.
- Every effect fully documented in a help system.
- Easy single user interface.

Program system requirements: 1MB of harddisk space

New in this version: New interface



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